Vinegar & Rice Husk Charcoal Production

Vinegar & Rice Husk Charcoal Production

November 16, 2020 0 By Ei Pyae Oo

Charcoal & Vinegar have been used principally in areas other than agriculture to improve the physical & chemical characteristic of soil and control insects and some kinds of plant diseases. Here we are making charcoal and vinegar. These are both very useful materials and easy to obtain. Vinegar is by product of Charcoal Production.

Benefits of Rice Husk Charcoal Use

  1. Rice Husk Charcoal improves the physical and chemical properties of soil. There were significant increases in water holding capacity of soil, organic carbon content, available nutrients, and the yield of crops due to its unique characteristics, decrease soil bulk density, reduce soil’s acidity level. Rice Husk Charcoal can be used as soil amendments for improving the ventilation of the soil and strengthens the root growth of plant.

Benefits of Vinegar Use

  1. Vinegar has a strong germicidal effect. Spraying can helps control harmful insects and some kinds of plant diseases, repel ants, and keep fruit flies away.

Material list to produce Charcoal & Vinegar

  1. Rice Husk                                        –           22 Kg
  2. Metal Drum (two sides open)     –           1 No
  3. Bamboo (It should be hollow)    –           1 No
  4. Iron Stove                                      –           1 No
  5. Iron pipe (Curved pipe that can be connected with Stove pipe)    –    1 No
  6. Short Drum    –      1 No

Steps to Operate

  1. Place the chipped bamboo pieces into the Stove to build the fire.
  2. After well firing, Place the metal drum (two sides open) over the iron stove.
  3. Put the rice husk into the metal drum which over the iron stove.
  4. Connect Stove pipe with iron pipe.
  5. Connect iron pipe with bamboo after joining with stove pipe.
  6. Slanting the bamboo chimney into the short drum.
  7. Keep burning almost seven hours. (*Not applicable if charcoal is getting white after overheating time)
  8. After it is carbonized, it becomes Rice Husk Charcoal (10) Kg and Vinegar (1-1/2) Liters.

How to use

  1. Vinegar

By adding (1) liter of vinegar to (4) times of water. For 1-1/2 liters of vinegar, it will get a mixture of 6 liters of vinegar & water can be used as a pesticide to control pests.

  1. Rice Husk Charcoal

It can be used by making a mixture of soil : 3 compost : 2 and rice husk charcoal: 1 for soil improvement.