Compost Production

Compost Production

October 9, 2020 0 By Ei Pyae Oo

Compost production is important for the farmers to improve the physical characteristic of soil they use. Next we’re sharing the information how to produce compost which we are using at our center.

Purpose of Compost Use

  1. To improve physical property of soil by adding organic matter.
  2. To improve pH balance of soil (acidic soil)
  3. To utilize local microorganisms and available materials to produce low cost soil improver.

Material list to make compost

  1. Rice husk – 61 Viss
  2. Rice bran – 61 Viss
  3. Groundnut cake  – 4.5 Viss
  4. Rice water  – 2 Liters
  5. Yeast – 1.2 Viss
  6. Water – 108 Gallon
  7. Plastic sheet (8ft x 8ft) – 1 sheet
  8. Thermometer (with sensor) – 1 No
  9. Plastic pipe (approx. 2.5 ft.) – 1 No

First step

  1. Mix well and heap the collected materials such as Rice husk (61 Viss), Rice bran (30.5 Viss), Groundnut cake (4.5 Viss) and Water (108 Gallon) or 60%.
  2. Completely cover with plastic sheet over it.
  3. Place the pipe in the center of the heap.
  4. Insert the sensor into the pipe and set the thermometer on the top of heap. (By immersing the sensor in the heap, it can know the temperature of heap)
  5. Mix the heap, if the temperature is more than 40̊C.
  6. If the temperature is around 30̊C about 10 days, the first step is finished.

Second step 

  1. Reopen the covered plastic sheet over it and mix with the Rice water  – 2 Liters into the heap.
  2. Keep it between the temperature 30̊C ~ 45̊C about 10 days. If temperature is stable around 30̊C, the second step is finished.

Third step

  1. Mix the collected materials such as Rice bran (30.5 Viss) and Grinded Yeast (1.2 Viss) into the heap.
  2. Mix the heap if the temperature is over 45̊C (no need if the temperature is not over the 45̊C) and leave it for 30 days.
  3. If the temperature is under 30̊C, it’s ready to use. It gets about 250 Kg in heap.

How to use

It can be used by mixing with soil :3 compost :2 and rice husk charcoal: 1 for soil preparation.